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Kimolos has been preserved intact from tourism. The residents do not lock their doors and they still say hello to each other on the street. In August they wait for the people that fill the island (it’s the only full month), not because they will get money from the tourists but because their friends and relatives will come from abroad: Piraeus, the US, Australia...

For the rest of the year, life has changed little over the last 50 years. This is the best period to visit: you'll find more donkeys than cars, and your kids will be safe while playing outside – the only danger being they’ll get lost in the alleys. If you wish, you can get to know the neighbours - even if you don’t speak Greek! You’ll find the local people open, friendly, hospitable.

Showing consideration for local customs will be much appreciated: if you learn to say "Kalimera" and "Kalispera", to be patient with Kiria Katina’s leisurely approach to making your coffee (no, there is no freddo). It’s also good to respect the economy of the islands: don’t waste too much water (water comes by boat), don’t throw out too much rubbish. Then, you will really be able to feel at home in Kimolos and its people.

Getting to Kimolos

There are four main options for travelling to the island:kimolos port, cyclades, southern aegean

From Kimolos port (Psathi) you can take the bus which is always there when the boat arrives (Phone 69737 00033), or the taxi (Phone 69454 64093, 22870 51552).

The summer in the Cyclades is always windy because of the prevailing north wind. Called Meltemi this wind is usually not more than 7 Beaufort and the scheduled itineraries are executed regularly (although you might need a few pills for sea sickness). Psathi, the port of Kimolos, is open to S/SE wind and swell comes into the port, so at times boats cannot approach (very rare for the summer). In this case, you get off the boat in Milos and you call for a sea taxi or traditional boat. In any case, you should follow the weather at the Hellenic National Meteorological Service.

Life in the village

kimolos taverna, cyclades, southern aegean In the morning, warm bread is produced by the two bakeries and you have to hurry before it sells out. They also produce the traditional pies ladenia, tirenia and kolokithenia - which you shouldn’t miss. At kimolos two mini markets you'll find most things, but sometimes they run out of dairy foods. At kimolos taverna, cyclades, southern aegeanthe grocery store of Kirios Antonis, near the House in the Castle, you will find one kind of cheese or one brand of tomato paste, but he has an inexhaustible depository where he stores everything, from ball-bearings to dogs chains. His daughter runs a butcher's where she sells local cheese and meat, and sometimes local vegetables. Kiria Eleftheria, who lives in the castle, has wild goats (whose meat is hard and smells of thyme) on nearby Polyaigos island. You will be very lucky if she slaughters some and sells you the meat. Sometimes a fisherman passes by car through the center of the Horio. There is a pharmacy. You will not find European newspapers, many brands of cigarettes, clothes, shoes or books. When you return home to supermarkets and shopping malls you may be really happy (if you are addicted to shopping) or they may have become a nightmare (if you are not).

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A good way to get more information about the island is to visit the official website of the Municipality of Kimolos.

For a virtual tour around Kimolos you can visit the photo gallery of Y. Tsambourakis, trekking and biking tour leader.